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Outdoor videos & Adventures
Soon to come is our Amazing Fishing and Outdoor videos, that will be fun, entertaining, and if your not careful you might also learn a thang or two
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Outdoor blogs from top fishermen and outdoorsmen.
Outdoor store coming soon.
Top quality fishing and outdoor products For the lowest price.Also, my personal emporium store of wonder.you can find just about anything unique.
Fishing tips and tricks.
Get ready to learn Tips and tricks from seasoned Outdoorsman

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Fish My Way is made up of Mike Garinger (Owner), Jason Vanderpool (Guest Blogger), Charly Johson jr (Guest Blogger) with help from Nekko Strahin (Web Designer)

Nekko Strahin
Web Designer, Marketer, et
Nekko Strahin is a Web designer and Owner of Perfected Media - A business that builds or expands businesses from online! Nekko is also huge a fan of outdoor activities and adventures. Nekko helped with the building of https://FishMyWay.com
Jason Vanderpool
Guest Blogger
Jason is a hardcore outdoor enthusiast! Some would say he is more at home outdoors than inside. Jason eats, sleeps, and breathes outdoor adventure If getting outdoors was a race he'd lead the pack.
Charlie Johnson Jr
Guest Blogger, Outdoors enthusiast
Charlie is an avid outdoorsman and loving father, passing along and sharing his skills and knowledge to the next generation of anglers and outdoorsmen!
Mike Garinger
Hi, I'm Mike owner of https://fishmyway.com.I believe in the old school and its values.As a child, I was always in the outdoors scouting, hiking, and fishing.It was hard to get me to come in at night.I believe in values and respect.These things are short in commodity nowadays from my standpoint.i would like to create a website with wholesome outdoor entertainment that I would be proud for my grandchildren to watch.Everyones welcome to visit, but please join our newsletter to stay up to date with us and please share and God Bless.

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